Monday, December 31, 2007

I bang dear dear's car..

Year 2007 really not my year...even it's last day of d year, bad luck stil stick v me n bring me a big good bye present!! Again here to say SORRY to my dear dear.. dear dear didnt scold me , cos he is more worry tat whether i gt injury o not, but i feel guilty cos tat's dear daer property :(
n I'm not taking good care on it.. :( although now d major hurt had fixed, but it left some 'scar' on it and some small problem need to be fix again :( bad bad bad.....

Friday, December 28, 2007


Again i suffer for insomnia..sleep disorder..d first night i came back to uni..whole night i was kept tossing n turning ,though i was chit-chatting v dear n jim via msn til late night ( 2am, it's time my 'build-in' alarm warning me to ZZZ during my juz-past holiday schedule) but end up 'ngan gong gong' while i lying back to my brain was like playing some kind of old-style-movie-show, blur blur scenes and messy thoughts keep popping-up in my brain..phew..tot I'll getting ok after a holiday rest, but it seem NO to me.And no doubt d second day i came back home, i hv a good night sleep although my 2 bros were watching dvd in my room plus turn on d light n took my bed 2/3 space since they oso lying on my bed (well, i dunno is't causes by tiredness of d previous day ?)
wat i need to do is....keep my mind peaceful..peaceful..n peaceful..