Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy new year 2008

So fast..2007 has past n now to welcome 2008.it seem 2007 not my year bcos there was lots thing happened to me.Yesterday when i listened to fm, d female DJ kept telling us to forget those unhappy things in 2007, let it be n welcome 2008 v more hope n happiness.
Many thing r out of ours control , i couldnt change it n so on i m unable to change it. Wat i m trying to learn now is ' let it be' , well.. i dunno i can do it o not in tis situation i hv now, but i know tis is d only thing i can do.
Dear dear told me tat i hv learned a lots n my thought hv 'improve' when i face problem. I did realized it but it seem not everybody can accepts it..Anyway, wat i learned was, put more observe rather than put out more words. u couldnt change others ppl's mind, but u could observe everything by ur eyes, ur ears, ur feeling, n it doesnt need others ppl to agree o judge it.
Hope everything will b ok in 2008 ^_^

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