Monday, January 7, 2008

LooK out PoinT

Last Friday was dear dear off day, he date Jim n Ken go Cheras for t . From d beginning v planned to hv t at Gasoline, but unfortunately it moved to another place.
This is our conversation( unwanted words deleted automatically)
Jim : hey, Gasoline moved jo r!!
Dear : so?
J : there got a notice , i go shot down d map 1st.
Then our Finding Gasoline Journey start...
D : ok, follow tis way?
J : ya, go straight then turn right,..
D : right ? u pointing to left hand side wo??
J : whatever la, u understand then ok jo la!!
D : okok, so now? go where?
J : fine, according to d map, there r Carrefour, Esso n KFC nearby..probably here go straight..
D : ei ?! y go bac to d same place 1??
J : har?! then ok lo,dun wan find Gasoline oredi.. v go Look Out Point lo, i been there before, d environment very nice de wo.
D : ok la, how to go r ?
J : emm..not so sure wo..let me memorize first r..try go here..there..r.. go straight...
Finally when v arrived Look Out Point...
J : chew!!! Gasoline is juz beside Look out Point la ??
D : how i know jek !!!
Ok, back to our story,Look Out Point located at a hillside ( not on d peak , but d height considered high n d air was kinda cold there, so better bring a jacket especially gal lol ) It's oso a tourism spot.Since d location was quite high, so v can see KL view from d restaurant. There hv total 5 petite restaurants i think, cos i saw only 3 buildings n each built 2 floors, so each restaurant has their own corner .

We have our seats at d restaurant which almost fully occupied ( compare to others la.. )

KL night view, too bad i didnt bring along my juz took it by my hp..:)

Take a close loooook....KLCC n KL Tower..

Menu.. from here u can c d price considered affordable.

Dear dear ordered..Lamb Chop Special (if not mistake :P) RM15.80

Moi..Sizzling pepper steak..hehe..not so nice, d bottom there over cooked jo :P RM16.80

Mushroom soup..normal only..but it served v fried garlic (taste weird ..tat's complained by Jim) n 1 thing...hv u find out it's served v Chinese style soup spoon? ....mmm...

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SaSa said...

there realli so cool oo...dint bring jackets..feel so uncomfortable..