Monday, January 28, 2008

美美 pineapple tart

Last Saturday , dear n me went to Malacca for 1 day makan makan trip. Ah Loong asked dear to help him buy d well known pineapple tart located nearby from d town. D shop is an old style kampung house, n u may miss it while u passing by ( really ! d shop was built a little bit inner from d roadside n u may miss it if u drive more then 20km/j :p )

Me : hello , we wanna buy pineapple tart
Women Boss : pineapple tart r . i sell u 1 box . not much here, so only 1 box OK ?
M : !?
WB : wan to give as present ? emm... i give u 1 more box la, but not very good in qaulity 1. good 1 u eat yourself la, d not so good 1 u give other ppl la.
M : ........
We believe they r sort of stock due to CNY , so there r limited goods for walk-in customers. 2 boxes she charged us RM 23 , quite cosy. But...never mind, cos it taste really nice and now at least v found out there is 1 more goodies to go for at Malacca , hehe..

this how d pineapple tart looks like
d fill was so tasty , can chew d pineapple fiber, YUMMY !
d base is d kind like cookie( i love it !) , smell so nice n crunchy :0
d stripes on top 1 r cut by handwork n place on it carefully
everything pure HAND MAKE !!

half day after delivered to home..


Starzzzy said...

Yup...Melaka Pineapple tarts is yummy...

SaSa said...

i love tis !
especially d cookie base!!
different from those old style 'wog lei show' which coat with soft soft outer.
too bad i cant buy more to share with you guy.. sigh !!