Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pork liver noodle

Pork liver noodle, d best pork noodle i ever tried out..wakeke..Mama bring me here last time, cause me addict to it now.Since i always ordered pork noodle at food stall after having here, so mama said: 'once tried out d pork noodle here, forever pork noodle now' haha.. ( of cos..if compare with outside's n tis, d different is sky n land can u imagine ..?hehe.. >_< )

A big bowl of pork noodle RM6 full v d internal organ of pork,n d soup seem well stewed
( hehe taste well stewed as well, sweet~~)

Ta-ta... here come d main role - pork liver.
they served v few pieces, fresh n crispy lol

Guess what ??
A kangaroo!
there's some golds inside d pocket..
normally ppl wil put 'jiu choi mau'( a cat statue put up 1 hand) to attract wealth
special lol..some more put up 2 hands , doubling d effect :)


Starzzzy said...

Where is is? Next time bring me go ya

SaSa said...

sure ^_^
juz nx to Jalan Alor lol