Wednesday, January 2, 2008

shopping shopping n shopping ~~

Wau~~ it's shopping spree again~~
phew~~last thursday ,saturday n sunday were my shopping days~~

Dear dear surf n found out there is a wholesale store at a hotel, so v decided to go there hv a look ( since v r now prefer to gt cheaper staff , wakaka )
1 word to describe - DISAPOINTED - ok..nothing to talk about it except dear dear get 2 branded shirt n i get 1 for my brother.
since our car parked at times sqaure, so v take a walk there cos dear dear said i gt nothing n show my face like something ( got meh, really meh..maybe gua..) then finally i grabbed somethings lo..but dear dear oredi tired after back from de wholesale n showing me d impatient face..hmm..he not kinda d way i shopping, well , in fact every gal shopping oso likes to try try try before decided to make payment ma...he juz grabbed d baju on my hand n straight away made payment without letting me to consider :( but anyway, tat baju not regret to buy it la..

shopping trip v Rea n LaiKuan @ Sungei Wang's kinda shopping trip n gathering between us once in few months ( ops..privious meet up was 1 month ago..haha..)hmm..sungei wang lol..honestly not my place to go for shopping..
1. size ( totally disapointed, especially mostly "NO TRYING" sign.. )
2. crowd ( dear dear dun like.. he prefer 1 u .. )
3. fashion ( doubt.. some design are too "in" for me, i'm not really into it )
4. traffic ( dear dear n me agree --> kl city = jam + jam + JAM )
conclusion, v r very very rare to shopping at i remembered, most of d fashion there was quite 'unique' n then d price was quite high since there r almost d same thing in every my surprise, now there hv plenty of shops doing mark down pricing , rm25 for each staff in d shop. mmm.. finally i gt to buy 2 belts , which i wanted to buy so long time ago for matching purpose, hehe.. so cheap.. only RM7.90 each , worth it!! n end up i bought a lot small small gadgets but hv fun too, haha~~

lunch time..

bro gt jusco voucher from his company, so he asked me n mama hv a walk there to buy some staff contribute for Chinese new's crazy tat v dropped everything inside d trolley n said 'dun worry, ah b will pay for it by his voucher '
so finally...
v juz added another RM 60 + for tis whole trolley..

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