Monday, February 25, 2008

Louis Vuitton

LV = Louis Vuitton = Men n Women crazy-for-it brand on d world
It sound really nice for me, d short form , LV, simple n sporty.
But bear in mind, 1 minute ago i was unable to spell LOUIS VUITTON , wahaha...
I knew it pronounced LOUIS VIL-TON , but i never kept in mind how it actually spell..woo..
Everybody knew tis is a international well known brand n everybody called it 'BRANDED'.
For my own infomation, ppl used to signify their standard by carrying tis 'branded',no matter men , women(well..obviously women tend to show off,especially rich women, NO DOUBT) , older, younger , studant..blah blah blah..
Some1 been told me before, i may not kinda for tis brand now, but in d future it may become d icon to measure my level.For sure, if i m affortable, why not? juz tat i realized, nowadays ppl become so realistic..i wonder will i being part of them in d future??
Sad..i granted my 'future personality' bcos of realism...Sad Sad Sad...

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