Friday, February 8, 2008


Prawning !! ( well...for fish is fishing , so for prawn , is prawning lol.. me own created )

Tis is d first time i try out for fishing..rr..prawning. Actually i would like to try d real fishing, but i worry it may spend much time n dun hv chance even, at lake side? o sungai ? no idea.. So now is d best timing lol..since there is a Prawning shop newly open at Rawang , so i asked dear to have a try few days ago. (so now v r actually waiting for Jim , so just to eat our time , good idea huh ?!)

D boss of tis shop is a Malay (very RICH , drive Fair Lady) , but d person incharge in d shop is Chinese(v believed they r coorporate , surprise !!) Beside prawning, d shop provide steamboat(coming soon) , cafe , free wifi , n some table games.

Interior design of d shop , 1 lot is cafe n 1 lot is d pool. Look cuuuute !

Tis is my prawning rod, lot more smaller tat fishing rod
somemore less complicated to fonction..haha..

My net beg


Prawnerman 1 n 2

Fresh salted baked prawn, 1 of d service provided oso

Haha....tis is d total v catch after spending 2 hours

So nice altough without any seasoning, cos it's fresh enough !! Yummy-licious !

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