Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reunion dinner @ 新至尊

Ho-ho-ho--- Chinese Lunar New Year is around d corner welcome d CNY , reunion dinner is 1 of d importent thing in d CNY must-do list. My first reunion dinner having @ 新至尊. Why there? hehe..bcos of d yummy 德国猪手(German's pig leg) Why tis dish ? cos it's too delicious lol :p

Anyway..before all d dishes delivered, we have 1 important thing not to forget n NOT TO MISS for celebrating CNY --- 捞生 !!! 捞生捞生,捞到风生水起 ( Slogan for having d 'low shang' ) Once v having 'low shang' at d begining of year , everything will be going well at d coming whole year , bless everybody here : )


Yo ~~ everybody 'low shang' lol

After ...

Curry Indonesian Prawns , very fragrance , bon appetite !!

Soy sauce chicken wings

'La-la' soup

Sizzling tau fu

Here come d main character - German Pig Leg ~~
Cripy outside n juicy inside accompany v d creamy creamy texture sauce,2 thumbs up !!
Cant imagine how yummy-licious is it ?
Let's check out ....

Devis ...

Say Yean ..

Photo Galary

Fei n Casper zai

Me n Ceaper zai

Happy couple 1 - Kenny

Happy couple 2 - Ivan

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