Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Uncle Sam Delivery

John King Tarts

Today Sam brought us some eatables from John King(Egg tart king),Pavillion.
Heard of tis tart shop hv a very 'special' rule to run their business, u know wat?!
To guarentee d 'fresh baked tart'( as everybody know, great tart must be FRESH BAKED !!) those tart which cant sold out within 1 n a half hour....consider SAYONARA, n cast away...sob...such a waste..i hope i m staying nx to d shop, so tat any unwanted tart would cast to my home..HAHA~~~

haha..i m eating d Red Bean tart..few STOUT bean hide inside d filled
honestly..really NICE !! d filled very smooth !! like eating tau-fu-fa

Nice Sieu Bao (mm..d B writen is't represent Bao ??)

Lotz Flavors o...durian,original,coffe,green t n etc

D rest of d Sieu Bao

Our kind Sponsor ( satifying ~~ )

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