Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reunion dinner @ 新至尊

Ho-ho-ho--- Chinese Lunar New Year is around d corner welcome d CNY , reunion dinner is 1 of d importent thing in d CNY must-do list. My first reunion dinner having @ 新至尊. Why there? hehe..bcos of d yummy 德国猪手(German's pig leg) Why tis dish ? cos it's too delicious lol :p

Anyway..before all d dishes delivered, we have 1 important thing not to forget n NOT TO MISS for celebrating CNY --- 捞生 !!! 捞生捞生,捞到风生水起 ( Slogan for having d 'low shang' ) Once v having 'low shang' at d begining of year , everything will be going well at d coming whole year , bless everybody here : )


Yo ~~ everybody 'low shang' lol

After ...

Curry Indonesian Prawns , very fragrance , bon appetite !!

Soy sauce chicken wings

'La-la' soup

Sizzling tau fu

Here come d main character - German Pig Leg ~~
Cripy outside n juicy inside accompany v d creamy creamy texture sauce,2 thumbs up !!
Cant imagine how yummy-licious is it ?
Let's check out ....

Devis ...

Say Yean ..

Photo Galary

Fei n Casper zai

Me n Ceaper zai

Happy couple 1 - Kenny

Happy couple 2 - Ivan

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sweet ♥ tooth ♥ me

VITA-C mix fruit candy ( thanks Reas ! )

Beryl's Tiramisu ( thanks miu miu )

NICOLE swiss herb candy

Cadbury's oat snack

Beryl's choc v hazel nuts

Oh-la-la...finally finished all my 1st tests !! It's time to preparing for CNY , GONG XI FA CHAI lol , hahaha~~~

But...first of all..i need to tidy up all my stuff first la..have to arrange those stuffs which i need to 'transfer' back to Rawang , so that everything is put in order , eazy for me to carry back by myself tmr. Anyway, now is 1 hour away from midnight, but now i m stil busy for
  • MSN-ing
  • Chatting
  • Blogging
  • Sms-ing
  • 3G-ing
  • Reading story book
  • Day dreaming
  • Craving my SNACK
watever la..tat doesnt relate to my 'keeping work' -_-
Tonight my mood quite good, so is time to enjoying my lovely choc , and now end out i found out there is plenty of choc n candy around me ( where ever d mini table..even my pencil case ! walau ~~ )
Ok..let me finish tis blog n my snack, then i go to keep my thing . Look like tmr i hv to carry a lot of thing again.. Balik Kampung lol..











BloGThinGs ( wooooo... )

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BloGThinGs ( lazy-ing study mood )

You Are a Frappacino

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It'll going to be over , non ?

my note..all conteng v highlight pen

First test of my university final semester no much to study for d 1st test, but still need to study hard, so tat d 1st test result not so teruk :P

Last Semester
3 months + to go..then my U life will end n i gotta start d new page of my life..working..
I think it's good for me, new life, that's wat i always pursue for --- rather than facing d same boring environment..

Monday, January 28, 2008

美美 pineapple tart

Last Saturday , dear n me went to Malacca for 1 day makan makan trip. Ah Loong asked dear to help him buy d well known pineapple tart located nearby from d town. D shop is an old style kampung house, n u may miss it while u passing by ( really ! d shop was built a little bit inner from d roadside n u may miss it if u drive more then 20km/j :p )

Me : hello , we wanna buy pineapple tart
Women Boss : pineapple tart r . i sell u 1 box . not much here, so only 1 box OK ?
M : !?
WB : wan to give as present ? emm... i give u 1 more box la, but not very good in qaulity 1. good 1 u eat yourself la, d not so good 1 u give other ppl la.
M : ........
We believe they r sort of stock due to CNY , so there r limited goods for walk-in customers. 2 boxes she charged us RM 23 , quite cosy. But...never mind, cos it taste really nice and now at least v found out there is 1 more goodies to go for at Malacca , hehe..

this how d pineapple tart looks like
d fill was so tasty , can chew d pineapple fiber, YUMMY !
d base is d kind like cookie( i love it !) , smell so nice n crunchy :0
d stripes on top 1 r cut by handwork n place on it carefully
everything pure HAND MAKE !!

half day after delivered to home..

Thursday, January 17, 2008


UPM's sun set

Claudy sky

UPM's tree no.1

UPM's tree no.2

UPM's grass

UPM's most-cute-to

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


我讨厌任性 ,可是我却又很任性
我讨厌任性的人 ,可是我却又是个超级任性的人
任性没有好处 ,只有坏处
我才会冒着会被讨厌 , 会变丑的风险
是我的 ‘本性难移’需要改进先 :p

Monday, January 14, 2008



Super Mario の菇 ( 版 )

龟仙人 1 号

龟仙人 2 号




老板娘很nice , 她说我拍这拍那很可爱,还叫我选一粒香菇送给我 :)
当然 , 我...没拿啦 , 留下来让她做生意吧 !
最后 , 娘亲大有收获,满载而归 ; 我?满手香菇味而归咯..

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pork liver noodle

Pork liver noodle, d best pork noodle i ever tried out..wakeke..Mama bring me here last time, cause me addict to it now.Since i always ordered pork noodle at food stall after having here, so mama said: 'once tried out d pork noodle here, forever pork noodle now' haha.. ( of cos..if compare with outside's n tis, d different is sky n land can u imagine ..?hehe.. >_< )

A big bowl of pork noodle RM6 full v d internal organ of pork,n d soup seem well stewed
( hehe taste well stewed as well, sweet~~)

Ta-ta... here come d main role - pork liver.
they served v few pieces, fresh n crispy lol

Guess what ??
A kangaroo!
there's some golds inside d pocket..
normally ppl wil put 'jiu choi mau'( a cat statue put up 1 hand) to attract wealth
special lol..some more put up 2 hands , doubling d effect :)