Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Italiannies @ The Curve

During CNY, Reas comes back to Malaysia again, Yippee!

Since she was so tiring of the long journey from Sg, so me and Kuan decided not to kacau her as we are 'busying' visit here and there and playing mahjung day and night, haha..

Finally we meet up on Chor 7, day before she goes back to Sg.

We went to The Curve jalan jalan and we decided to have our(my) brunch at Italiannies!


Haha..Reas become our waitress, help us to serve d soup

Spaghetti with Giant MeatBall! really GIANT ok~ guess what was it looks like?

too bad, it was very very VERY salty! we wonder isn't the chef 'accidentally' dropped the whole bottle of salt into d meatball??

All time favorite - Shrimp Linguine

Haha...dun worry, i will not pick it up with my finger lo, so dirty!

Overall, we made a wrong choice of dishes,

Minestrone + Spaghetti Meatball + Shrimp Linguine

3 if them also the same flavor -TOMATO, so rather weird to have d whole tomato meal, and their source (forgotten the name, but Reas did mentioned it referring the menu) was too strong savor of vinegar

lol..perhap our next visit would be better :)

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