Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Honest Scrap Award

We honored to receive this award from Santa(a MS who has big ear like me,but hers is slightly bigger than me!) & Toro(i once saw him from Asa Jie Jie lappy's ,she was having video conversation with Toro's papa-Jason, juz to let both of us meet up!).Thank you!

In receiving this award, We are supposed to share with you all 10 honest things about me and Tin Tin. Wofff!


1.I love McD,especially FUN FRIED!!

2.I love gai gai, i will jump up to the car automatically

3.I hate ppl force me wear shirt and shoes. I rather pretend to be a statue IF u put on those funny things on me.YES! i m stubborn Carrie!

4.I love Shane goh goh, he is the only one who willing to feed me snack without any condition(like sit-hand-stay words)

5.I love sayang-ing,please sayang me as much as u can ok :)

6.I love being a gaypoh, gossip here and there

7.I will automatically sit down when ppl sniff at my butt, dun try to kacau me :p

8.I like to ignore ppl if my mood is bad, but i m scare of being ignore

9.I like to watch ppl eating, perhaps they will accidentally drop some, and i will help to do the cleaning work

10.I dun chew properly when i was eating, so i cant eat bone

Tin Tin

1.I love hug, i willing to give BIG hug for everyone when they come back home.

2.I love to bark when there is any stranger(human or dog) passing by

3.I prefer rice more than kibbles

4.I like to play with water

5.I like to hump Carrie when i first meet her. I know that is my natural being

6.I like to lick ppl hand, i could detect the KFC's scent from your fingers

7.I learned to sit, but i never sit more than 5 seconds

8.I love my new collar

9.I like to play with Carrie

10.I like to run here and there when i was unleash


shane wong said...

dat exatly wat they two being...

Santa said...

Hi, Carrie, it's great getting to know a little bit more about you. Just like you, I love to go "gai gai" too especially in mummy's car. You are lucky to get fries from McD, I never know what it tastes like because my mummy says it's no good for me. Anyway, hope to meet you again.