Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gimme Gimme Gimme More!

Guess who is under d yummilicious drumstick?

**It's me!**

Been long time i m not show up bcos of Asa jie jie's laziness *sigh*

Last week i went to Rawang Jaya's Night market with Asa jie jie, goh goh and uncle Jim. It was so crowded, luckily i was carry by them,kekeke~

Nervious for the crowd?
bcos i had been to Jongket Street @ Melacca, so this is 'sep sep shui' to get used the crowd and noise :) lalala~

Ops, back to the yummilicious drumstick
i actually didnt ate much, i think 2 or 3 tiny slice, perhaps?
Asa jie jie said it was to salty for me, i shouldnt take too much salt,
cos it could destroy my health......


nx time buy the unsalty type and gimme more

please..............*sob sob*


me said...

Carrie, get Asa jie jie to steam you some chicken. Steamed chicken is very nice...I love it, I am sure you will too...

- Santa

SaSa said...

really ?? hehe, must try it lol!

Eric said...

yeahh Carrie... get your Asa jie jie to steam the chicken or even fish for me... its much healthier... hehe..

we always steam chicken for Stephy Fatty Ally wan...

SaSa said...

ai yo, now i mouth watering liao,
Asa jie jie so lazy to cook wan..dunno hwne only i can eat delicious steam chicken o ..