Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mama Birthday Celebration @ Jake's Charboil Steak

Mama's birthday was fall on 4th of May, so we decided to bring her to a very memorable place for dinner (Ok, i dunno what so memorable,haha.. she personally likes the place(the food) so-so-so much,they have the best steak in town though it was darn expensive recall back the previous visit loooooong time ago) Fine, i have had caledl for booking at noon, unfortunately it was no body pick up the call bcos they only start business at 6.30 pm onward regarding to the voice mail.So i left my name, hp number and total amount of person visit.

Until 7pm when we were taking shower, poo-ing blah blah ready for going out, i made another call to d reataurant for double confirm , the staff told me that the voice mail i left sound not clear, so they unable to get back to me (Walau, luckily i call back lo, otherwise we will have our dinner at the door step with the extra folderable table??*head shake)

ok, back to the topic, forgot the voicemail(blame the TM service la!!!).Besides,their service really nice, polite, friendly and passionate :) thumb up! the only bad thing is the PARKING, since Victoria Station and a Thai Restaurant were same row with it, and the parking was so
tiny and extremely packed! End up Dear pass d car to jockey..(Dunno they charge how much le..)

Jake's is a US style steak house and the the theme of the restaurant is Western cowboy style(look at the menu then you know it!)

P/S: blogger.please remember to SAVE the post all d time ESPECIALLY when u are in d middle of editing(even thought !!!! Firefox force to END PROGRAM bcos of some problem while i m in d middle of updating d post!! so all my updates were GONE!!!even though Blogger will automatically save d post ,but this time they didnt!! WTF!!

We had Nachos with beef as our appetizer(lol, i think i didnt eat any beef...?) mmm..maybe nx time we ccan DIY at home..seem so simple, Chachos + chees + pickled chillis.. but

and escargot, ok ok lo, better than the one we had at Café Café

D main... Porterhouse Steak for Mama and Ket Wui, side with potatos and veges

Ribeye Steak for Father,Ket Min & Dear, same side dishes. the mustard, super hot, as hot as wasabi ok! *faint Dear trying to trapped me with this, Ha! u thought i m a 3 years old child meh?!

Mention the little flag, written 'M' = it was cooked in MEDIUM, huh, i was ordered MEDIUM-WELL since i worried they cannot tahan got blood le.. but honestly it was heavenly nice! da texture really really very tender and not hard AT ALL!

Grilled Salmon for Moi, serve with butter and cavier, fun fries and vege.
NICE, i love fish! fish help to decrease cholesterol level..

Chicken in Mushroom Sauce for Pui Yee

Lamb Rack with Mint Sauce for Sharon

Da dessert for mama was Brownies
At first d staff dunno we ordered it as Mama's 'cake' when they realized it she shout :''Oh! why dont you tell me is her Birthday?''
Immediately they brought out this ballon and candle and their 'ban'
haha..then we sang Birthday song together :)
They gave Mama a wrapped nicely towel as present and took a group phot for us.
after that they requested for our address, cos they will send d photo to us :)
(So cute!there was a Malay family celebrated their 5 years old girl birthday nx to our table.d birthday girl wrote her add with her 5 years old hand writting on that booklet too, hehe)

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created at www.pizap.com

Birthday Girl Aunty

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(Another Magnum winner)
Load of happiness * wink*

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NICE, i love fish! fish help to decrease cholesterol level..
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