Friday, July 3, 2009

Longest post ever..

Found Out the Green Tea from Kuan Home, but this is the sour plum version -_-

i had the best 1 last week, was honey version, sooooo nice, but unfortunately she bought it from Johor..couldn't find it at Rawang, nor KL -_- yerrrr......

See how much i love it? but not the sour plum version that i holding actually:p

Jess won the Transformer movie ticket from Nuffnang's Office via Timothy Tiah's blog..jealous lo, till now i haven't watch it yet, so damn out liao!

Tried out the San Fancisco smoothies with Jess

Jess-Mango blah
Mine-Banana blah
taste good and it was buy 1 free 1 promotion,ngek ngek ngek

Was a super super moody weekday(workign day)

so we came to 1 U lookng for something that i missing so much

Yes! Shin Lin AGAIN, newbie is coming soon, and it is a vegetarian dish(Heard form the restaurant's Head)

I ate 2 bowl of Mee Sua
the total bill was RM26.50( *edit:for 3 mee sua,1 XL fried chicken & 1 V-Soy,no tax & service charge[love it]), but we paid only RM26.00, got 50 cents discount :p

2nd round
Yu Yan Shang Gong wo Thong-gui lin go & wong low gert

3rd round-my favorite KIMCHI brought from Jusco!

i ate the durian cheese with my pair of chop sticks ;p

Catch Carrie fart beside us!! haha
actually she was straching herself..

Super Bad Luck Day!!

My Spec broken in 2!

Good bye spec..R.I.P....


Received a gift from Japan, thanks Cruel!

piece of わふく-wa-fu-ku handphone strap

haha..i have a Hello Kitty hanfphone strap, she wearing わふく also

Jess bought this for me as my birthday present, is 4 mini size O.P.I
so damn C.U.T.E!!
come with purple, pink, orange and rapid dry top coat!

how small is't?
let's compare with the standard size, look like a happy family ,DaddyMummy and the child :p

From cousin Teresa, Victoria Secret 's berry kiss lotion, smell so-so so sweet and the absorption was so good, my hand doesn't feel stick after apply it:)

Swithed my skin care to La Neige since Biotherm no longer helps to improve my skin texture ;p
have been using 2 week+, my right cheek sensitive part improved a lot.although still got red red (actually ir appeared to be PINK like put on blush, BUT it show on my right cheek ONLY,kinda weird -_-) but no more chapped skin liao, good!

This is the hydro gel, haven't get my full size yet, so currently i m using the sample size.Actually this is water base moisturiser same as Biotherm, but the basic care set come with a Emulsion - to enhence the absorbption of the moisturiser(explaination from the counter sales girl).
Product Benefit:
- Hydro balancing emulsion for dry skin type that restores skin balance in a moist and gentle way.
- Himalaya Snow Renew Water that contains 70 kinds of snow minerals provides nutrition and vitality to the skin and realizes the transparent and pure skin from deep inside of skin.
- Himalayan Rhododendron and Alpine Epilobium naturally grown in the alpine regions where 2,000 meters above the sea level work to maintain the water vitality and to keep the water absorption and water circulation.
- Lupinus extract and sheer butter ingredients work to strengthen skin barrier and help to protect skin from external environment. - Emulsion for the dry skin type that cares dry skin soft and moisturized.
Went to Popular book store clearence and bought the above books..
no over Rm70 for 7 books, kekeke!!

eye color pallete from Daiso, only RM5!highly recommand by Taiwan's beauty blogger, to my bad-the high light part. come with a small small mirror and a mini brush

I 'injured' my blush pallete!!(the 1st 1 was long time ago story, ignore it) this time was the 2nd!!i poked my thumd there................

Stila Clearence

So cute, i love fake lashes,though i m not using it often

and lip glaze,though i m not using it often oso ;p

Guess what is that(inside)

Ta-ta - Rhine stone..not the superior quality la, bought for fun ma

with flash light-not so bling hor
but i love it :)


Tiramisu said...

English again? LOL Transformer very nice! Urm u read b4 that Megan Fox main actress in tranformer is actually a man? Dunno true or not you try google. Hehe... What mee is that so expensive? You know Pat Yeah Tin? That day I ate claypot kung poh chicken...with chicken skin and wing bones cost me RM14 haiz that kinda place eat so expensive... kuai lin gao keke very nice

Diana said...

Tiramisu is a foodlover...hehehe...

SaSa said...

Nicholai:i maybe watch transformer tme le, yeah!!actually tat day we ate 3 bowls mee sua(Rm6 per bowl), 1 V-soy(rm2),xL fried chicken(RM6.50) total RM 26.50 hehe~ big appetite le! i never been there b4 but i heard b4, nice o not? my colig said Cheras got A LOT nice food, but too far from my home at Rawang le -_- haha, we LOVE food le!!

Tiramisu said...

omg rawang? zZZZ urm there's this nice mixed pork porridge and nasi lemak in pat yeah tin + Rojak lo quite nice... REALLY NICE!!!!!!!! and in petaling street of course the sang ha mee and ngau yuk ho!!!! this shop is located at the back of the alley (NOT CHEAP) but always flooded with ppl....

SaSa said...

ya lo, the sang ha mee sp super expensive lo, the char xiu mee very nice(but quite oily) i like the fried garlic on top 1 :)
later i post it ! let me check d pix 1st....:)

Tiramisu said...

open new blog la Sedap corner!!!

Anonymous said...

So many Presents mar...