Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Silky terrier found in PJS1, victim of snatchers(*updated)

To all my friend who staying at PJ area:

Quote form Jason
Helping out this poor little doggie. She is a silky terrier. I believed she is the victim of snatcher...One of my friend informed me about this dog and now she is under my friend's care.

Someone saw two malay guys threw a bag with this poor little dog in it. We believed that the two malay guys robbed someone and at first they thought it is just a normal bag, and they never expect that it is a dog carrier. So end up, they just dumped the dog like that at the roadside.

This incident took place at PJS1. I believed that those two stupid fellas robbed the dog near by PJS1....please help me to spread this news as it is a sad news for the dog and also the owner because they miss each other.

Anyone who know this doggie or saw her before, do email me at ah_tor@hotmail.com . I will screen everyone who email me regarding the ownership of this poor doggie :)


*update:Good news,the doggie found her owner oredi! more info, ---> Jason's blog

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