Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tin Tin u KENA now!

Hai everybody, been long time not seeing u guys~ i m good now, everyday eat,sleep, sh*t, play with Carrie, jalan jalan here and there

Today i have something want so share with all of you!let me turn a round a show you clearly (ops! look at my body my fur, is't look like a sheep? hehe, Asa jie jie said it does, especially when she groom me, she said she feel like grooming a sheep * a smini sheep* hehe~)

Tata! is my new scraf on my neck ! nice? bought from jusco (written there, i guess all of you seen this before:)

Nice or not? i personally love it so much!

Look at my expression then u can guess how much i love this newbie :) woff!!!!!!!!!!



Tiramisu said...

Why shave tin tin till bald de? mats?

SaSa said...

actually this is a schnauzer cut *_*, i shave him 2 weeks ago, now the fur grown up liao look 1 ketul 1 ketul not smooth ;p

Tiramisu said...

I tot Jason is ur perma Groomer hehe