Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2nd Visit to Beer Garden Sunset Junction

This is my second visit to the Sunset Junction, they serve very very nice grilled lamb!! It is a corner house nearby Summit USJ somewhere housing area, behind a shop lot at a main road.(Sorry, my decription was SUCK! i should figure out a map but i hardly recall the route >_<, but if anyone interested i can ask my driver the actual map)

They have 2 type of seat, 1 is wooden table connected with chair(like those seaside BBQ served) and the other type is those Chinese so called 'lan low yi'(lazy old chair) , i believe those family who have an elderly must seen this before lol.

tata!! our chair

Dear pretend to be emo

Picture taken with night scene setting(n times efforts and this is the most clearer i can post up) The environment was very dim and since all the people are enjoying their food and beer, feel damn embarrass to turn on my flash light

Still blur, but this is consider the best 1

Our drink, they didn't serve condensed milk, so my carrot juice is pure carrot juice

Jimmy and Ah D da bao this famous PJ(or USJ? i forgotten) burger for us, need to get number and queue for it O_o they queue for this approximated half an hour

The Grilled kampung fish- Dear & Moi favorite

Grilled lamb- everybody favorite

Fried sotong

Steamed stingray with garlic and chili padi - the sauce super nice !
And we actually ordered crab but since Ah D's friend was there and i feel little bit pai seh to take pix :p Anyway, there is a nice place for relaxing and chatting. They sell beer and provide free gua zi(and you can simply throw the shell wherever, dun care about it) Enjoy!!


ylkuan827 said...

feel hungry jor when read tis post..how??

SaSa said...

hehe,then let's go makan lo! wait Jade come back we go there makan:)

SaSa said...
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