Monday, September 7, 2009

Is McD Fun Fried!!

Dear all clever human, most of you got the correct answer!!

clap for

Diana, Jason, Kuan & Eric.. clap for Tiramisu kekeke...

the yummylicious fried !!!

At first i was wondering why some people calling this baby fun fired and some call french fried, but now i know why, cos it bring a lot FUN to me!! (and Asa jie jie as well, i know she loves FUN Fried oso!!)

i can do anything for FUN Fried, don't you believe!! Let me prove it ..

Oh No..FUN Fried in a mouth...(mouth watering ..)


and second catch!! fight for FUN Fried with Asa jie jie

The FUN Fried are all belong to ME!!!


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