Thursday, October 22, 2009

Counter Stick not interesting AT ALL!!

I realized recently they are concentrate on something instead of me..
Yes!! they spent more time on the box instead of sayang-ing me..

(*am i wrong? it's looks like pizza hut delivery box right? but this box doesn't carry any pizza huh..)

What is there so interesting?

Let's check..was wondering is it related to treats?

Oh...They said this is a game, name CS...Cheese Stick?

yummy yummy..!

* Nope! *

* Is Counter Strike! under age 18 cannot play ! *


Officially i am older than all of you!

Human age 4 x 8 = 32 ( I am 32 years old ok )

so i am allowed to play this game :)

What should i do?

Shoot the enemy ?? but there is nothing for me to aim wo..

Here also..!

what is so interesting about??

i found it so BORING !!!
and i didn't award any treats at all...

waste my time ! grr....

Haih, i rather spend my precious time to SLEEP ...

Next time please don't mention how interesting is the pizza box and the Counter Stick is.. Grr....


Jessying said...

Haha ~ carrie merajuk !!!

SaSa said...

hehe,she always merajuk;p