Friday, October 23, 2009

Ka Wha Korean BBQ @ Bangsar Jln Telawi

People who close with me knew i love kimchi so much, most of the time i keep a bottle of kimchi inside my fridge ( i love the kimchi with red cover tap which sell at Jusco :P) and i tried out few Korean restaurant at food court eg at KLCC, Pavillion and Midvalley. Unfortunately i never been to any REAL(er..traditional/authentic??) Korean Restaurant which i heard from my friend that we can keep on refill for all the appetizer, which mean i can keep refill my favorite kimchi muahahaha!!! ( Food court only give you ONCE upon you pay for the meal -_-)
Anyway, Ka Wha is my first visited dine in Korean Reataurant at Bangsar Jalan Telawi. It was located at the 2nd floor of the shop lot which next to the formerly MPH bookstore(corner lot).

Me,Dear ,PY & B King make the move to Ka Wha because of....

Eat as much as you want!!! BBQ Buffet!!
RM 48++ per person
3 pax @ RM 48 ++/pax & the 4th person @ 50 % DC
4 pax @ RM 48++/pax & the 5th person FREE
So me, dear, PY and B King made the move to have a try :)
i believe they are doing this kind the promotion all these while

The restaurant wasn't so big, but the table arrangement were tidy and just right. We seated at a hidden corner which block by a partition.

They claim that they have over 60 verieties og Korean Food on their menu(insluded side order)
Refering to the menu , those dishes with the blue sticket label were LIMITED to 1 person for 1 portion ( mean 4 of us can order ONLY 4 portions) BUT most of the beef selection were NOT AVAILABLE -_-

Our appetizer

Total 8 petite appetizer + 1 fresh lettuce are served .

The incredible huge squid

Pork and beef

Lamb and ... i believed is park..couldn't remember ;p

BBQ pan

Aunty boss tought us how to BBQ

BBQ sauce and garlic. We used to dip the BBQ meat/stuff to the sauce, it taste NICE and bring out the delicacy of the food

Beside ordered the buffet menu, we also ordered some side dishes . i love this kimchi soup especially it served in HOT ! check the steam i captured ;p

B King favorite lettuce. $ of us habis this 1 very fast and kept asking for refill until the third round of refill, the aunty boss come to us (previous refill all done by the indonesian waitress) and she told us we can ONLY refill all the appetizer 3 times and all the regill should have make it sekali . Than our expression was like this ---> O_o because we only kept refill for lettuce and kimchi and some more it is IMPOSSIBLE to finish all 9 appetizers altogether. And they didn't state about THIS on the menu or mention to us at first.

And since we were seated quite hidden and farer from the kitchen, we felt quite troublesome every time when we want to make order. cause we need to leave our seat and turnover the partition then only can summon the waitress. And due to the distance, the waitress and aunty boss seem unhappy that we kept on summon for ordering ( in fact they keep missed out our order, so we need to remind them to send over again)

We ordered Kimchi fried rice as well

The weird taste BimBimba(Rice in stone bowl) i ordered for myself. The sauce was rather sweet sauce mix with sour sauce #%^$%^&

The complimentary free fruit of the day
We end up paid RM 19+.++ for the bill and feel very disappointed to the food. I feel not worth cause we didn't actually ate up to this price. And PY and me both agreed we could have better A la carte food ordering at Dai cheong Kam although the food there cost a bit pricey.
Ka Wha Restaurant Sdn Bhd
Lunch Hours 12- 2.30 pm (Mon - Sat)
Dinner/BBQ 5.30 -10.00pm(Mon-Sun)
20-1, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsae Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Hp:016-631 4145 /012-276 2789

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