Friday, October 23, 2009

Through My Window rock the town?!

Wow, I've just figure out the title of the song that i mentioned in my previous post
-Who Sang This Song ?? is ''Through my Window'' and it was sang by BUNKFACE . Oh so malu i keep on thinking of the title related to me and you or blah since they kept repeating those words!!

This song really hit the town these few day! i realized the DJs keep playing this song without mentioning the title nor singer -_- oh ya, the Djs mentioned that the CD was found at Media Company with P & C stamp but without sender detail.Other than the CD with only 1 song - Through My Window, there is also a URL link which mention at the beginning of the song. o_O

How is it sound so mystery? it recall me those movie trick..

A young girl/boy wish to be a singer/star. When there is an audition call up and make her/him being so enthusiasm to take part . She/He desperately hope herself/himself is the most outstanding candidate that catch the eye of the examiners,then pass all the stages effortlessly , got the contract successfully and be the super famous singer/star in the town , surrounded by fans and glory.....


However , after 30 minutes of shock sendiri moment passed, she/he realised that it is not easy to impress the examiner among dozen of candidates..

So the best way is perform herself/himself in a very very special way, and the best part is make sure the world(?) lol, i mean the public has well known of you at first, like record the sound clip of a song(the best part is your own created 1)or a video clip (what ever that you feel like can impress people without SENSITIVE content of course) Try to expose yourself in the public before they get to know who are you.

Anyway, gotta make sure you MUST have the talent in singing/acting that can bring up the gimmick before you being lockup because of hearing/ vision pollution or any illegal violation.

Well, the story above may sound ridiculous but at first this mystery song remind me of the story above, in fact this song really caught the curiouscity of the people .(many people talking about #Through My Window# of this song on the net!)

Anyway i check out the ,they provided the download source of the song and lyric as well. For more detail do check out their website ---> Click me Click me <---- and listen the song whenever u wish to(whether to download or not!) , hehehe!!!

Breaking News!

There were few pixelated picture of BUNKFACE uploaded at,

Apparently this is a 4 in 1 band

I could only figure out the right guy wearing a purple color tie ;P

eiks! what for they show me their back side?? couldn't even figure out their face from the front, don't say from the back la...

Cant wait to do provide Facebook fans,Friendster's fans and Twitter's follower application at the top right corner, i have joined the group so that i can get the latest infomation!! keke!

Another Breaking News!!

Through's Facobook application, i found that was actually LEAKED MTV of Through My Window!!

let's check!

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