Monday, October 5, 2009


If the world is come to end

on December 21, 2012.What would you do? And if You do have a chance to keep your most precious thing in a TIME CAPSULE to survive 2012’s disaster , what/who would you plan to be?

If i could have a chance to keep 1 precious thing to survive, definitely it will be CARRIE!!

''Sony Pictures is having an online contest for the public to share what you would like to keep in a TIME CAPSULE to survive 2012’s disaster at . The contest is open for the public to participate and all you have to do is to upload an image of the item you want to keep in your TIME CAPSULE.''

With no doubt, mt choice is Carrie


...She is cute, energetic and always bring a lot of happiness to me, i hope she can survive and bring happiness to others...

Even though she is..
so greedy for SAYANG,
so greedy for FOOD,
so greedy for ATTENTION,
so greedy for PETTING,
so greedy for GAI GAI,
so greedy for McD FUN FRIED

But, she did also..
so smart to SHOW cute/pity face
so smart to READ our mind/expression
so smart to ASK for patting
so smart to RUN away from B King(my devil younger brother)
so smart to CATCH my family attention
so smart to LEARN from lesson (after kena scold)
so smart to AVOID for any inauspicious movement of us
so smart to STICK with who would feed snack to her(without asking 'hand')
so smart to JUMP on the car for gai gai
so smart to RECOGNIZE car

And also..
so funny to be FOOL by us
so funny to be ANGRY and STARED on us

Any further detail, please log on
for the contest if you do have any precious item to keep in the TIME CAPSULE !
and you can watch the trailer of the movie 2012 too !

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