Monday, October 19, 2009

Who sang this song??


I hate Monday morning especially WORKING DAY..(Ok..honestly i hate EVERY morning..)

Well, the main reason was i need to drive all the way to office from Rawang to KL ..omg.. it was 35 km ok ... well the only thing to get rid my sleepiness is radio FM, and my daily working routine was adjusted the volume as high as possible,so that the DJ talks show and music could wave away my sleepiness ..

But this morning i heard a catchy song, a new song that i never heard at the pass week (i ONLY listen to radio during ON THE WAY TO OFFICE or ON THE WAY BACK HOME). The DJ did not mentioned who sang the song nor the title of the song, i can just remember they were singing

'' Now there me and you ...when we are not alone.. we are and and you ''

At first i guessed it was sang by Green Day BUT i was wondering why the DJ did not mentioned about it? maybe it was sang by other band?(could it be possible from Malaysia? oh..i dun know :p)

I tried to google the song with the limited lyrics i remember..

----------when we are not alone ??------

There come out oysters....blah...

----Me and you??----
(they sang this sentence quite frequent)

Few results come out, and it look like some song's info and i saw the word 'Lyric'

1st song was Me and You and the singer is Kenny Chesney..anyone know who is him?
wah...the song was like belong to 80th... love song.. blah..

than another was Me and you
but sang by a Female Singer Cassie..ok blah...

lol, i have no idea what song is this and who sang this song???!!

Anyone can help me??


玉=Jade said...

Hav you found out? I tried to google can't find le.

SaSa said...

not yet, i think other bloggers looking for this song also :p