Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Everyone Connects BIG Event

Last Saturday was Everyone Connects's BIG Event at Bukit Bintang! Can you imagine Bukit Bintang was filled with load of people and everybody was dancing and singing Through My Window at Bukit Bintang on the day? Muahaha...i was there and surrounded by more than 5000 people , and all the people were so high and going crazzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyy!!!!

here was the big screen , huuu, everybody was on the screen, can you spot where m i?

Here is another end, where the stage located(the white booth at the middle of the pix) the left side booth were belong to Starbucks lo

got ppl distributed free microphones, so everybody can be celebrity sing together !

This is mine, so cute, my favorite orange color!
of cos not the REAL mike la, is dummy mike, inside is kosong 1 :)

Woo huu..uncle sing along Through My Window with his microphone

This uncle so high as well

Even mat salleh joint the crowd

JJ from Hitz.FM distributed Everyone Connects T shirt to the crowd

Guess what happened to the crowd being so high in a line?

Is LIVE TV Streaming!
The Event was streamed LIVE Everyone Connects website and viewed by almost 780,000 web users across the nation.

RESHMONU - one of the mystery guest invited by Everyone Connects!
He rock the crowd !

Unfortunately raining half way of the event
i was under Maybank's roof, cos i dun have umbrella and rain coat..
hehe..cos i dun wan to wet my new BF lar
is my new camera :p

People were singing under the rain !!

And suddenly where is the orange ball come out ?!

Ans the people roll the ball from the screen to the other end- the stage then back to the screen again, haha! playing under the rain seem so FUN !
BUT ....i cant wet my BF ler, grrr........

I was waiting rain stop at Startbucks and i meet JJ and Ean from Hitz.FM
They are so friendly taking picture with us!

Muahaha, JJ so CUTE!

And this is Lim from Grey Review! meet him when i was at Startbucks, i sabo his friend's seat and half of his table :)

Finally rain stopped and the event continue by DAFI, MILA & AKIM on stage

The sky getting darker but the crowd was back !

BASOLAYE on stage!

SAVING GRACE PERIOD with their own rendition of Through My Window

Follow up next the RODEO

Let's check the crowd...

i snap this picture from the big screen where is was showing LIVE streaming from the stage

Finally BUNKFACE !! the highlight of the Everyone Connects Big Event!!

wow,suddenly the orange ball pop out again!

For more info, check this Everyone Connects site


Everyone Connects FaceBook Fan Club

for more picture and information

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Through my Window in da Cinema

Last Saturday went 1 Utama watch 2012 with Dear , have been awaiting so long for this movie. Not surprise, it was so hard to get ticket at this moment, all the ticket running out so fast! O_o *eye roll*

Before the show start, something weird happened..

Suddenly a familiar music filled the cinema..

Guess what??

Through My Window!!
(which i have heard more than 1668 times in the pass 1 month)

At first, the people at first roll stood up and started to sing the song. After that most of the audience follow the flow stood up and sing the song together.

*note:Those who still sitting on the seat obviously dunno what happen, their expression were like O_O
huh?? am i entering the wrong hall??

The cinema playing the
Through My Window video clip with lyric, all of us so high and even hands up dancing in the hall!

Finally the Everyoneconnects.net's slogan

**Connections Make Anything Possible**


then we continue watching 2012

Sound so funny huh, first in my life time i singing in the cinema and allowed to snap picture in the hall (ops! we snap the pic
bcos the officer ALLOWED, normally photo shooting was not allowed in the hall :) )

Anyway, 2012 was a great movie, the computer graphics and scene very awesome and super real(was wondering hwy dun have 3D version?). In the movie, the destructive of the nature was beyond our imagination (although it was quite kua zheong for the story time line) and human being so tiny and helpless. But unfortunately still the same Hollywood style, too heroism, the main actor never die 1,

Well i will enter the cinema to watch again with my mother, (i can say paying another RM12 to watch again is WORTH lor) but not that soon .Dear said all the ticket with nice seat sold off for the following week *panic @_@*

Oh ya, do check out Everyoneconnects.net's Fan in Face Book for more picture and update !!

ps: oh Jade, your birthday gonna be the end of the world O_o!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Blue

I'm feeling blue



so blue

and blue

bcos today is MONDAY..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Howling at the New Moon

The Twilight Saga - New Moon is coming soon on 26th November 2009 after waiting for few months!!

Muahaha, see my Twilight Saga Collection!!

Eh........ how come twilight mising pulak...oh ya, i have borrowed it to my friend ;p

I have felt in love with Twilight when the first time i reading it. After finished reading the Twilight, immediately i rush to MPH after working hour to purchase the full set !(ops! the first book i read was belong to my boss ohhh!!)

The New Moon movie is going to be more interesting since there is new character -Jacob Black, Bella's childhood friend. And the highlight of the movie would be the drastic change of relationship of Bella and Edward, and how Jacob going to involve to the Vampire world.

However, Edward still in the dilemma to transform Bella to the real Vampire although Bella insist to. Then he decided to ************************ (muahaha...i am not going to tell u now ;p)

Well...why i love Twilight saga so much? being a vampire could be very interesting ! why...?

Then i can always remain 24 years old !
( aiks! i cant turn back my time to 17 years old >_<)

Then i will be immortal and have fair skin like the Cullen family.
(p/s, with the lovely honey brown eye color)

And have a pair of Sharp Tooth! (to suck human fresh blood, muahaha) , purple dark eye circle and dark brown eye color when i was thirsty -_-

If i have a bf, i will transform my bf to a vampire too!! so that we can watch meteor rain on KLCC
tower whenever we wish to

And both of us can travel around the world without any transportation charge
(of cos we RUN...if within Malaysia la)

And we can study at many Universities and Colleges to collect the Graduation cap like The Cullen did :)

But the con side was............WE CANT EAT ANYMORE!!!!!!!! what a suffer !!!!!!!

Wordless Wednesday


Monday, November 9, 2009

Everyoneconnects.net's BIG day coming soon

Wow, is a brand new working week again, Monday = Blue -_-

Last week i have content schedule which i have watched 3 movies within 5 days which consider shiok for me, because i did not watch movie that constant even one movie a week. In return i become very hottiest (in Chinese-hot gas, not sexy -_-) because no enough sleep.

I watched Jennifer's Body at The Garden's GSC, RM 16, i pay extra RM4 and avoid long queue at mid valley's GSC,worth enough lo . The whole movie was so ILLOGICALLY(regards the murder part, kill so many people, police unable to investigate/track?) , and Megan Fox keep on showing how sexy and how sultry she was..geli lo -__- and she is too OLD to played the high school girl la.

Then MJ That Is It. although the whole movie was edited from the rehearsal clip, but it was so fantastic and we saw how passionate that MJ and the team work on his concert. I felt like dancing and my toes were tapping rhythm from starting to the end of movie.

And following by Phobia 2, a Thailand horror movie which combined by 5 particular stories. Some of the stories very ridiculous lo, we watch until O_O but most of the geli scene i peeked through my finger's gap -_-

There will be more movie coming soon since winter holiday coming soon , i'm wating for twillight New Moon which released on 26 Nov at Malaysia. Haih...my Twilight Saga has stopped at Eclipse more than 2 months because of too lazy busy -_-

Anyway, 1 week before the movie, there is another big event coming soon.

Yeah ! is the Everyoneconnects BIG Event day!It is fall on 21st November 2009,Saturday!The Event is going to be held at Sungei Wang Main Entrance from 8.30 am to 8.30pm.

On that day, famous celebrities will be invited to perform LIVE and sing their own version of Through My Window

Bunkface of cos!







Everyoneconnects bring us some activities and contests on the Event day, there will be a Banner concert 'Finals' on that day , and all the participant can take part in the Sing- along karaoke and group karaoke and so on. Besides they have dancing program - SuVirtual Dance Tournament also.

Wan to tell your friend how interesting is the LIVE event? Dun worry, there will be PC and connection ready for participant to online and update tweet LIVE on the spot.

Dun forget there is LIVE video streaming which mean you might have chance to appear on TV and news! So what are you waiting for? faster mark down the date on your schedule and make sure you memorized the Through My Window lyrics! See ya!