Monday, November 9, 2009's BIG day coming soon

Wow, is a brand new working week again, Monday = Blue -_-

Last week i have content schedule which i have watched 3 movies within 5 days which consider shiok for me, because i did not watch movie that constant even one movie a week. In return i become very hottiest (in Chinese-hot gas, not sexy -_-) because no enough sleep.

I watched Jennifer's Body at The Garden's GSC, RM 16, i pay extra RM4 and avoid long queue at mid valley's GSC,worth enough lo . The whole movie was so ILLOGICALLY(regards the murder part, kill so many people, police unable to investigate/track?) , and Megan Fox keep on showing how sexy and how sultry she was..geli lo -__- and she is too OLD to played the high school girl la.

Then MJ That Is It. although the whole movie was edited from the rehearsal clip, but it was so fantastic and we saw how passionate that MJ and the team work on his concert. I felt like dancing and my toes were tapping rhythm from starting to the end of movie.

And following by Phobia 2, a Thailand horror movie which combined by 5 particular stories. Some of the stories very ridiculous lo, we watch until O_O but most of the geli scene i peeked through my finger's gap -_-

There will be more movie coming soon since winter holiday coming soon , i'm wating for twillight New Moon which released on 26 Nov at Malaysia. Twilight Saga has stopped at Eclipse more than 2 months because of too lazy busy -_-

Anyway, 1 week before the movie, there is another big event coming soon.

Yeah ! is the Everyoneconnects BIG Event day!It is fall on 21st November 2009,Saturday!The Event is going to be held at Sungei Wang Main Entrance from 8.30 am to 8.30pm.

On that day, famous celebrities will be invited to perform LIVE and sing their own version of Through My Window

Bunkface of cos!







Everyoneconnects bring us some activities and contests on the Event day, there will be a Banner concert 'Finals' on that day , and all the participant can take part in the Sing- along karaoke and group karaoke and so on. Besides they have dancing program - SuVirtual Dance Tournament also.

Wan to tell your friend how interesting is the LIVE event? Dun worry, there will be PC and connection ready for participant to online and update tweet LIVE on the spot.

Dun forget there is LIVE video streaming which mean you might have chance to appear on TV and news! So what are you waiting for? faster mark down the date on your schedule and make sure you memorized the Through My Window lyrics! See ya!

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