Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Howling at the New Moon

The Twilight Saga - New Moon is coming soon on 26th November 2009 after waiting for few months!!

Muahaha, see my Twilight Saga Collection!!

Eh........ how come twilight mising pulak...oh ya, i have borrowed it to my friend ;p

I have felt in love with Twilight when the first time i reading it. After finished reading the Twilight, immediately i rush to MPH after working hour to purchase the full set !(ops! the first book i read was belong to my boss ohhh!!)

The New Moon movie is going to be more interesting since there is new character -Jacob Black, Bella's childhood friend. And the highlight of the movie would be the drastic change of relationship of Bella and Edward, and how Jacob going to involve to the Vampire world.

However, Edward still in the dilemma to transform Bella to the real Vampire although Bella insist to. Then he decided to ************************ (muahaha...i am not going to tell u now ;p)

Well...why i love Twilight saga so much? being a vampire could be very interesting ! why...?

Then i can always remain 24 years old !
( aiks! i cant turn back my time to 17 years old >_<)

Then i will be immortal and have fair skin like the Cullen family.
(p/s, with the lovely honey brown eye color)

And have a pair of Sharp Tooth! (to suck human fresh blood, muahaha) , purple dark eye circle and dark brown eye color when i was thirsty -_-

If i have a bf, i will transform my bf to a vampire too!! so that we can watch meteor rain on KLCC
tower whenever we wish to

And both of us can travel around the world without any transportation charge
(of cos we RUN...if within Malaysia la)

And we can study at many Universities and Colleges to collect the Graduation cap like The Cullen did :)

But the con side was............WE CANT EAT ANYMORE!!!!!!!! what a suffer !!!!!!!


Jessying said...

Hahahaha... drama !!!!!!!!!!!!! i do like ur vampire teeth.. now i suddenly feel like u are like in Jennifer's body !!! Holy shit ! thou u not as sexy as her YET

freddiewee said...

wah...very unique post!! i also did 1, but not as unique as yours la..hope we'll get it!!

oh, btw..HI JESS!!!