Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Through my Window in da Cinema

Last Saturday went 1 Utama watch 2012 with Dear , have been awaiting so long for this movie. Not surprise, it was so hard to get ticket at this moment, all the ticket running out so fast! O_o *eye roll*

Before the show start, something weird happened..

Suddenly a familiar music filled the cinema..

Guess what??

Through My Window!!
(which i have heard more than 1668 times in the pass 1 month)

At first, the people at first roll stood up and started to sing the song. After that most of the audience follow the flow stood up and sing the song together.

*note:Those who still sitting on the seat obviously dunno what happen, their expression were like O_O
huh?? am i entering the wrong hall??

The cinema playing the
Through My Window video clip with lyric, all of us so high and even hands up dancing in the hall!

Finally the's slogan

**Connections Make Anything Possible**


then we continue watching 2012

Sound so funny huh, first in my life time i singing in the cinema and allowed to snap picture in the hall (ops! we snap the pic
bcos the officer ALLOWED, normally photo shooting was not allowed in the hall :) )

Anyway, 2012 was a great movie, the computer graphics and scene very awesome and super real(was wondering hwy dun have 3D version?). In the movie, the destructive of the nature was beyond our imagination (although it was quite kua zheong for the story time line) and human being so tiny and helpless. But unfortunately still the same Hollywood style, too heroism, the main actor never die 1,

Well i will enter the cinema to watch again with my mother, (i can say paying another RM12 to watch again is WORTH lor) but not that soon .Dear said all the ticket with nice seat sold off for the following week *panic @_@*

Oh ya, do check out's Fan in Face Book for more picture and update !!

ps: oh Jade, your birthday gonna be the end of the world O_o!

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玉=Jade said...

Is it? I havent watched it. SOb!