Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Belated Christmas Greeting


**Ahaa..i know it is a bit late ..bark!

i looked definitely sad in this pix because all these gifts were not belong to me :(
The headband wasn't belong to me as well, Asa jie jie got it from the PC fair (hmm..i know what is PC mean, is the little black box which cause all of them took off their attention from me!!)

This is the little head band made by Asa jie jie. She failed to buy the reindeer head band from Watson, so she made this last minutes before she attends her company Christmas dinner've

By the way, i've got something !!

Guess what i got for my Christmas Present??

hohoho!! is a Pretty HOUSE!! (with a red pillow)

I love my new house, at first they worried i would dislike this lovely house bcos i have 'tiny space phobia' - i hate being locked/imprison in small and dark place :(

Last pix! i became Christmas dog :)

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year !!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pan Heong Restaurant's Poridge @ Batu Cave

Omg..woke up at 2am to removed my make up...

And now me at EYE BRIGHT BRIGHT mode cannot fall asleep yet...well ..continue my food post marathon now lo, what to do..

**Oh ya, Astro showing Gem of Life(Zhu Gong Bow Hei) right now and it was one of the (or the first?) HD(High Definition) movie which very popular in Hong Kong. And i am watching it right now and i found out plasma TV really a terrible high tech device beside the nice slim outlook.

because it STRETCHED the characters look so wide and so short even though a leng zai Chan Hoe also cannot escape( especially he was so damn slim in that movie, the tv projected his face look like skeleton more than a leng zai wtf) So how nice is d HD effect oso sayang(wasted) -_- eiks...even worst than my 14" wide screen laptop.

Luckily my bro didnt go for the 32" i think it could be even worst :(


**oh the huaking shit i dunno ter-clicked what button, my page suddenly navigated to the title list (NOW the SECOND time before i complete this sentence apalah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) before i able to select *yes* or *cancel* when the confirmation bar pop out -_- luckily blogspot has Draft autosaved function !!!!!!!

OK back to topic

That day when Reas back from Sg, we actually have our food testing day. In fact we are seeking for nice food/food we never had been tried almost every time we meet up muahaha!!!!!!!!

So we have our breakfast at here

Restaurant Pan Heong @ Batu Cave

Packed with ppl, and while you waiting the waitress.waiter will give you number. So you no need fight for table with other and wait beside the table and starred on the ppl who eating ( which i experienced at some where, so lame!!)

FULL HOUSE during breakfast hour

The signature Fish Porridge.

The Porridge was so soft and smooth, i love this kinda texture, like no need chew then can terus swallow.

The you zha guei

When i took this pix i kena sarcasticed by dear ''you zha guei oso need to capture meh, all same ma!!''

Oi!!!!!!!! i dun see anything wrong if i capture the yu zha guei ma, this is from Restaurant Pan Heong and this is specially match for this porridge ma! Ahboh you go yo buy outside you zha guei to here la, later ppl scold you 'no outside food' then is your business la.

**btw i dun like to add you zha guei into porridge**

SOOO many fish inside the porridge and they add the pei dan oso. yum yum!

Chinese style mee goreng, got many prawns, fish cake and vege( if not mistaken got bean curds oso) the owner so generous muahaha..

The Fried chicken

News clipping reported the porridge

I will definitely come back next time to try out other porridge as i realized there was kinda clay pot porridge(?)

Who said porridge is only for patient or ppl who have digestion problem? This porridge is so good to be a great meal/breakfast as u refer to the crowd respond lo :)

**In fact my personal experience was patient doesnt really like porridge because i once cooked porridge to my ex-bf who was damn sick but he refused to eat kns maybe my cooking skill damn terrible so he don't want to take risk cheh

OK done is time to sleep, poor Carrie was awaken by me :p

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Last weekend went to Mid Valley while Reas Came back from Sg. It was hard time when come to makan time, because we CANNOT decide what to eat!!!

End up Kuan advice a new fast food at LG Mid Valley

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

We all wondering it was a fast food restaurant in Popeye theme at first muahaha!!
At first i thought they will served spinach ;p

Here it is!! arh actually it served like KFC style.......

Chicken + side dishes(coleslaw & mashed potatoes) + biscuit

The Biscuit looks like puff but it taste like scone, and it served warm. But mine taste like not cooked and can smell the scent of dough -_- so i prefer KFC bun.

Biscuit/Bun - KFC win
Popeyes 0 , KFC 1

The mashed potatoes was fine, and the gravy was special, it mixed with some spice and taste rather different from KFC.

Mashed Potatoes - Popeyes Win
Popeyes 1 , KFC 1

The coleslaw mixed with fine chopped pickles which taste nice.Honestly i dun like KFC's coleslaw because it always flood by watery coleslaw sauce -_-

Coleslaw - Popeyes Win
Popeyes 2 , KFC 1

The Chickens were not as oily as KFC, but it doesnt marinated well as the inner part tasteless. Actually we all love KFC because when we tear the crunchy skin, the fatty oil all split out yum yum!!(haha way too kua zheong i describe the chicken's fat)

Fried Chicken - KFC Win
Popeyes 2 , KFC 2

Their fried, battered with spice. FAR more tasty than KFCs'

Fun Fried - Popeyes Win
Popeyes 3 , KFC 2

They provide seafood, fish and shrimp.
And also chicken on rice bowls.

Variety - Popeyes Win
Popeyes 4 , KFC 2

They have their own chili and tomato sauce, but i personally prefer KFC Thai chili sauce

Sauce - KFC Win
Popeyes 4 , KFC 3


Bear in mind i would prefer KFC muahaha, because i ONLY interested to the fried chicken's SKIN and KFC did the best(except the fried chicken in Thai/Curry powder on top) and i ONLY da bao chicken at KFC!!

Fried Chicken's SKIN
Popeyes 0 , KFC 1


wow, i like Reas' bag, the color so nice and the design is so simple :)

**i browsed through internet and found out the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen have their first outlet at TTTI (Taman Tun Dr. Ismail) and it located right OPPOSITE KFC muahaha..

To Someone


每與你一起 這心都很高興
全部雨天轉晴 絕對好心情

這次不可一起 多麼的想你
誰令我心傾情 別了更加鮮明

*最愛是你 生命動人因有你
我掛念你 深夜達晨曦
常自不覺地 日夜算日期
而時日減少你 長得似世紀

#仍最愛是你 堅定自持因愛你
縱隔萬里 心跟你飛
今天你請珍重 寂寞你便盪來
來甜夢中把臂 風吹雨飛 多晚都等你

你我縱不一起 心心都呼應
同述世間光榮 獲到也等於零

重唱 *,#


重唱 *

仍最愛是你 堅定自持因愛你
縱隔萬里 心跟你飛
今天你請珍重 寂寞你便盪來
來甜夢中把臂 一起四飛 分也一起

To someone once very important to me.

Thank you for everything u gave and pay out for me.

I hope you are always happy and blessing:)

**The reason i choose this song is because every time when you called me,
i heard this song from your side :)

Italiannies (PromoMenu)

Has been ages we didnt visited to Italiannies and we dont even know the menu has changed -_-

We go through their new promo menu which provided 2 course meal @ RM27.90 for 1 appetizer and 1 main course which feed for 2 person (i've check with the waiter, the main course was served in 2 pax portion)

Check the menu here

The menu provide 2 type of selection - Classic or Novelty. The dishes from classic were from the old menu and the Novelty were new dishes and not in the old menu yet.

Each type they provided 2 choices of appetizers and 6 main courses.

My choice for appetizer - Minestrone

It came with a small bowl which disappointed me( it feed for 1 pax ONLY) which i thought it would be the BIG portion which feed for 3-4 pax which we normally ordered(i know m so greedy but i LOVE soup ma !!!!!!!)

Too bad they added too much bazil pesto and the whole shoup become greenish and too salty after i well mixed the soup ><>

I love d fresh oregano bread dipped with olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar. Me and dear both greedy ppl we always pour extra vinegar muahaha..sometime when we are super hungry we ask for extra bread from the waiter:p

we ordered extra appetizer from the menu - Mussels Fra Diavolo RM 20.90

This is 1 of the new dishes, either mussels or clams sauteed in spicy tomato broth. Previously they served only mussels but now they served clams, i think it taste sweet sweet( cos we Chinese like to add many many clams to create sweet sweet clear soup for steamboat ma)

After we tried dear said he prefer Mussels Lombardi, so i concluded guy dun really likes tomato.

Our main - Pan Fried Fish with Angel Hair

At first i want to order shrimp linguine ( all time flavor and NEVER WRONG dishes) but dear convinced me to try out something new, ok so we go for this because it was Dory fish..

mana tau..

The description from d menu: Lightly battered Dory fish , pan fried..

where got light battered.. is HEAVIER battered lo..so thick and the Dory fish was tasteless -____-

And the most important thing was the portion couldn't feed 2 of us, because we both normally consumed 3 pax portions muahahaha...if you are small diet i think it would be ok la.

*** i m not doing ad for Italinnies, but i just LOVE pasta and tomatos!!yum yum

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fully Recharged !

Wow, I have juz come back to work from a short short holiday !

Ha! Ok I went to Cameron Highland for a short trip to relax relax , stayed 1 night, so consider a short trip lol

I have been to CH once and I think It was more than 10 years ago/or more. Anyhow, it was fun to have a second visit which I have planned few months ago - more update to come.

*please please dun wear SLIPPER when you visit to BOH Teh Plantation @ CH!!!!

Let's welcome our NEW member !










She chewing her new toy and she LOVES it so much. muahaha, actually it was a CAT toy but no choice apparently dog toy is tooo BIG for her(and not cute some more blah...)

Carrie went to Toni & Guy with us last Sunday, woo huuh she become a star there :)

Playing with colorful mask, in Holiday mood now! count down-ing for X'mas :p