Thursday, December 10, 2009

Italiannies (PromoMenu)

Has been ages we didnt visited to Italiannies and we dont even know the menu has changed -_-

We go through their new promo menu which provided 2 course meal @ RM27.90 for 1 appetizer and 1 main course which feed for 2 person (i've check with the waiter, the main course was served in 2 pax portion)

Check the menu here

The menu provide 2 type of selection - Classic or Novelty. The dishes from classic were from the old menu and the Novelty were new dishes and not in the old menu yet.

Each type they provided 2 choices of appetizers and 6 main courses.

My choice for appetizer - Minestrone

It came with a small bowl which disappointed me( it feed for 1 pax ONLY) which i thought it would be the BIG portion which feed for 3-4 pax which we normally ordered(i know m so greedy but i LOVE soup ma !!!!!!!)

Too bad they added too much bazil pesto and the whole shoup become greenish and too salty after i well mixed the soup ><>

I love d fresh oregano bread dipped with olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar. Me and dear both greedy ppl we always pour extra vinegar muahaha..sometime when we are super hungry we ask for extra bread from the waiter:p

we ordered extra appetizer from the menu - Mussels Fra Diavolo RM 20.90

This is 1 of the new dishes, either mussels or clams sauteed in spicy tomato broth. Previously they served only mussels but now they served clams, i think it taste sweet sweet( cos we Chinese like to add many many clams to create sweet sweet clear soup for steamboat ma)

After we tried dear said he prefer Mussels Lombardi, so i concluded guy dun really likes tomato.

Our main - Pan Fried Fish with Angel Hair

At first i want to order shrimp linguine ( all time flavor and NEVER WRONG dishes) but dear convinced me to try out something new, ok so we go for this because it was Dory fish..

mana tau..

The description from d menu: Lightly battered Dory fish , pan fried..

where got light battered.. is HEAVIER battered thick and the Dory fish was tasteless -____-

And the most important thing was the portion couldn't feed 2 of us, because we both normally consumed 3 pax portions muahahaha...if you are small diet i think it would be ok la.

*** i m not doing ad for Italinnies, but i just LOVE pasta and tomatos!!yum yum

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