Thursday, December 10, 2009

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Last weekend went to Mid Valley while Reas Came back from Sg. It was hard time when come to makan time, because we CANNOT decide what to eat!!!

End up Kuan advice a new fast food at LG Mid Valley

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

We all wondering it was a fast food restaurant in Popeye theme at first muahaha!!
At first i thought they will served spinach ;p

Here it is!! arh actually it served like KFC style.......

Chicken + side dishes(coleslaw & mashed potatoes) + biscuit

The Biscuit looks like puff but it taste like scone, and it served warm. But mine taste like not cooked and can smell the scent of dough -_- so i prefer KFC bun.

Biscuit/Bun - KFC win
Popeyes 0 , KFC 1

The mashed potatoes was fine, and the gravy was special, it mixed with some spice and taste rather different from KFC.

Mashed Potatoes - Popeyes Win
Popeyes 1 , KFC 1

The coleslaw mixed with fine chopped pickles which taste nice.Honestly i dun like KFC's coleslaw because it always flood by watery coleslaw sauce -_-

Coleslaw - Popeyes Win
Popeyes 2 , KFC 1

The Chickens were not as oily as KFC, but it doesnt marinated well as the inner part tasteless. Actually we all love KFC because when we tear the crunchy skin, the fatty oil all split out yum yum!!(haha way too kua zheong i describe the chicken's fat)

Fried Chicken - KFC Win
Popeyes 2 , KFC 2

Their fried, battered with spice. FAR more tasty than KFCs'

Fun Fried - Popeyes Win
Popeyes 3 , KFC 2

They provide seafood, fish and shrimp.
And also chicken on rice bowls.

Variety - Popeyes Win
Popeyes 4 , KFC 2

They have their own chili and tomato sauce, but i personally prefer KFC Thai chili sauce

Sauce - KFC Win
Popeyes 4 , KFC 3


Bear in mind i would prefer KFC muahaha, because i ONLY interested to the fried chicken's SKIN and KFC did the best(except the fried chicken in Thai/Curry powder on top) and i ONLY da bao chicken at KFC!!

Fried Chicken's SKIN
Popeyes 0 , KFC 1


wow, i like Reas' bag, the color so nice and the design is so simple :)

**i browsed through internet and found out the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen have their first outlet at TTTI (Taman Tun Dr. Ismail) and it located right OPPOSITE KFC muahaha..

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