Friday, January 15, 2010

Avatar fever? come Avatarize yourself!

Found something really interesting!

click here to Avatarize yourself!

you can either upload your own photo from you pc or choose from your FB profile
(note: face must look straight and forwards)

wait the photo being upload and then you need to mark the eye,nose,mouth position as they show on the screen (sorry forgotten to screen shot ;p)





Here is mine Avatar (arh..the nose so damn big -_-)

you can choose the character(male or female), then change the background and make your own avatar happy/angry expression

this is the smiling face

ahahahah this is the angry face

btw the outcome not so nice la...

so i decided to make my own avatar

ta-ta -ta (again)

tata!! i love the grow-in-the-dark effect which the previous application didnt come with, so i add by my own self(by Adobe photoshop), muahahaha!

nice boh?


shane wong said...

no need to add effect ! it ad look like u

玉=Jade said...

I want it too! Make one for me please please.

SaSa said...

Sw:later i make a damn ugly version for you
J:no problem, i got plenty pix of you;p

Jessying said...

scary ! hahaha.... wait u should not be wearing anything while taking the pic, jus like the movie !! hehe~

Seven仔。些运仔 said...

the last 1 how to make de??

k3nt730 said...

let me also becum avatar ba..haha

SaSa said...

Jess:cannot lo!i scare later you nose bleeding and spit on your screen, muahahah!!!!!
S7:photoshop !!
Kent:come come sent me your leng zai photo @