Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Famous Beef Noodle Ngau Kee @ Jalan Tung Shin

The 'Famous Beef Noodle'
see not me boasting or kua cheong, it was written on the sign

Here is it, the stall, right opposite the Harmony Travel Agency along Jalan Tung Shin, next to Jalan Alor

The Carrie bitch
She was so bitchy recently, so i dun wan to post about her :(


the chili, we added chili flakes on top of it

the beef noodle-dry version, comes with a small bowl of soup

and the soup version

We passed by this stall quite often but then we never tried this out ever bcos the main reason we been there is for the pork noodle next store. So this time we decided to have a try(oh ya, some of my fren do recommended me this beef noodle long long time ago,more than 2 years i think)

Btw we all think that it doesn't taste so special and the main reason was the beef too 'shou'(the beef smell) :( the beef balls were still ok to accept BUT the soup version was too bad, the soup base itself taste so super 'shou'.

If you compare beef and lamb i believe most of the ppl would dislike the smell of lamb(even the heavy spice version if the lamb didnt marinated and stewed nicely) and so far i can tolerated for all type of lamb, but this beef noodle doesn't really fit my appetite :( and i think i will not go back to the same restaurant again.

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