Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Valentine’s Day

I would like to spend my Valentine's day with Taylor Lautner at Paris!

Once we arrived Paris , i will bring him to visit the Palace of Versailles , explain to him the French history and explore the beauty of the Palace of Versailles.

After that back to the town we can have a walk nearby the Eiffel Tower, lying on the grass, watching people passing by,feed pigeon(MUST wear cap to avoid pigeon poo ;p)

and have a boat tours down the Seine at evening.

I will bring him to the Eiffel Tower at night, view the panoramic view of Paris city and have a romantic dinner with him at there!


p/s:the bf plz dun get angry for not wanted to spend the Valentine's day with you, i was actually took part in the Nuffnang contest to win a pair of ticket for the movie Valentines' Day, wan to INVITE you to the movie if i won the ticket :)

pp/s:treat me nice dinner for Valentine's Day ok ;p muahaha

ppp/s:For more information, check Nuffnang Valentine's Day contest

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