Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gifts from JD & Max's human - Clare & Neil !!

Wow! we received this big bag of gift from JD & Max's Mummy and Daddy - Clare & Neil !!

Actually we were very surprise when we received the gift from Clare after the steamboat gathering, she is such a lovely and friendly human we ever meet :) *heart*

Oh ya,Clare and Neil visited to Malaysia during Chinese New Year last month,and we actually know about it in advance through Fatty & Ally's blog (ya! their daddy is such a smart guy, he blog about Malaysia's travel guide for Clare & Neil who are going to visit Malaysia for the first time !)
If you want to know how Clare and Neil's holidays at Malaysia, you can visit to JD & Max' blog:)

hehe, see i told you, is really big, bigger than me !

Let's see what is inside the bag..

wow!! is a BIG toy!! *sniff sniff* how should i going to play with it, chew? pull? drag??

Whisky Cake? this for me? Whisky sound so it delicious than cheese or milk? Btw my human told me that i was not suppose to consume this ....sob sob...

Here come another pretty box, look like a post box...letter from JD & Max inside?
Asa jie jie loves this little mail box soooo much, instead this can be coins box after finished the truffles inside

And what about this?

is a big train! this is truffles inside for my that London's train all looks like this so nice? much more nicer than the train we have at Malaysia..
By the way *Jealous* MAX to my humans

2 book marks for Asa jie jie, she likes to read book, this is great gifts for her!

The World's Greatest Dog Lover..i suppose this is for Asa jie jie, hehehe!!

and this cute magnet,can you see the paw's print?

can u spot where did we placed the magnet ?

A cute writing board with 3 cute Maltese

A waist bag ,hahaa this is for my human to stoare my snack when we are going out for gai gai! good idea !

Guest what is this? a fan?

see how cute is this! we can set our message on the fan, this is a very very smart device!

Card from JD & Max and Clare & Neil~

and finally .. the BIG bag actually can fold to a small size,hehe ..

Thanks for JD & Max and your Mummy ! we really love it very much!
Love Carrie


Jessying said...

wow they are really generous!

asa jie and carrie must be happy meeting lovely people like this !

Santa and Minnie said...

Clare and Neil are such wonderful people, aren't they?

JD and Max said...

Hi Carrie - we're glad you liked the pressies we asked our humans to bring! We made sure they threw in lots of things as we were hoping they might meet up with some new blogging pals whilst they were over there and they were raving about how pretty and cute you were - we certainly agree!

We weren't sure if our humans could bring doggie treats into the country - so they took lots of sweeties and treats for the humans instead, he he!

We really wish we could have met you in pupsone but we're so glad you're now one of our blog pals!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

SaSa said...

Jessying & santa & Minnie:
yes! they are really lovely person :)

JD & Max: our humans so happy that they can have nice trofees and chocolate , hehehe!