Thursday, April 8, 2010

Life's Like WHOA!!

Life's like WHOA!!

Why must i WHOA but not CHOA? or HOA??

That's because the TM i-talks WHOA is going to be the hottest topic in the town!

Let me briefly interduce the italk WHOA a bit, it is a Unified Messaging and Convergence platform providing single-point-access to Messaging & Collaboration systems. That's mean i can connect with my friend more than just emailing while access my mail box(the single-point-access i mentioned up there!)

By the way, the TM italk WHOA's top up value concept recalls me the 'Ring Ring Card'.

(You don't know what is Ring Ring Card? Let me brief a bit again lo, the service provided was you need yo buy the user card with value --> get the pin number --> call the operator --> key in the pin --> then u can start making your call accordking to theor lower calling rate!

So the TM italk WHOA is the new kind of 'Ring Ring Card', and they are providing MORE interesting features NOW!

Do check out and register as a member to find out more!

Click here --> to register as a member play with their functions!

Of Course i have registered as a member, what you need to is create your username & password, provide some general details, that's all!!

This is how my Whoa's webmail looks like, it looks like typical coorperate webmail (sorry to say that because my company's Microsoft Office Outlook is exactly like this kind).

But do notice the 2 columns above the big orange WHOA! logo, they provides SMS & TWITTER!

I tried to sent SMS by the webmail feature, it was quite easy, no complicated setting.

After typing the message, selected my country ( then the country code will pop up automatically) then key the mobile number. Click the 'Add Number' button, the mobile number will immediately appear on the recipient list, you can add as many number u wish lol.

Please ignore the credit balance , after i sent out the SMS only i realized i forgot to snapshot the screen, no turning back liao, so i just type again the message and ganti the snapshot ;p

Once my SMS sent out, the web will show my credit balance and expire date.

This is how the recipient received the sms!

Did i mention making call while accessing the mailbox? Here is it, no cheated 1! instead of getting lower calling rate, now i have another solution while my HP runs out of battery!

And the Twitter feature on mailbox (lol i hope my corporate web mail would have this feature lo, then working can be more fun ) hehe, i typing stupid message again :D but not send out anyway, because need configuration to Twitter account first!)

At last the important part, i can check my italk Whoa credit immediately on the web mail itself. Just click the iTalk Credit, i can find out my credit balance, or to purchase credit/reload.


So that's why iTalkWhoa is called 'a platform providing single-point-access to Messaging & Collaboration systemssss'!!!

If you want to top up your iTalkwhao credit, you can purchase from all stores displaying iTalk
, or log in Maybank2u or CIMB Clicks (Only Malaysians are ables to purchase for NOW, wee!!!! )

So .what are you waiting now? faster log on register as WHOA member , be ready to WHOA for your life!!

*26.3.2010 picture added ans edited


Tiramisu said...

cheaper to send and call like this?

SaSa said...

i check the price list is cheaper then normal phone call. Btw i not try out yet since dun have any oversea call to make yet ;p

Tiramisu said...

subscribe new streamyx line la keke cuz now they have free unlimited nationwide calls ^^ weeee

SaSa said...

Really! my home got streamyx line as well but i dunno about it le..