Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pupcake or Cupcake?

Is this nice! is me on the cupcake which specially customised by my human Asa jie jie!

One more form another angle

Could you spot me here?

Love Carrie


JD and Max said...

Hi Carrie - oh wow, your human is so talented! Those cup cakes look almost too good to eat - almost! We'd still like to have a small taste, he he he! Hmmm, we're a bit hungry now....! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

SaSa said...

Hai JD & Max, thanks for ur compliment! my human is very happy about it :)
by the way we are not going to eat it, bcos is was made by icing sugar, too sweet for consume and we couldn't take out the baked cake inside, it will spoilt the deco .(and Asa jie jie will be very sad for it) it was still inside the fridge because she is thinking is it possible to air-dried it..

Santa and Minnie said...

Sorry Carrie, but that looks more like Tin Tin then you because it is white.

Are they really cupcakes that the humans can eat? They are so beautifully decorated!! Who would have the heart to eat them!!

SaSa said...

Santa & Minnie,

you got the key!! actually this is white and really look alike Tin Tin!( well, this pup cake could represent all of us if u dun mind xp) the reason was the shop didnt provide grey colour..haha, since white is taken, so the beard become pink instead :)

k3nt730 said...

look nice but can eat de ma??

Carrie said...

first time reading your blog and i just noticed that we have the same name... haha

Nice cupcakes!