Thursday, June 3, 2010

iTalkWhoa @ Borneo RainForest

iTalkWhoa was officially launched on 7 of April ,Wednesday! I got their invitation to the launching, how cool! The party was started at 7.45pm, and everybody require to wear black and orange( the TM theme colour, lolo i love orange color :))

Unfortunately i'd have to attend a very important dinner at 7.30pm, so i missed the opening of the event :( However i tried to rush over the venue at Borneo Rainforest to catch up(the final part) the event after my dinner.

look at the crowd, it was packed of people!

I catch up with TILU band performing, they play music instruments very well! They did solo on their own part, especially the guy who played the saxophone, so cool!

The iTalkWhoa banner

It was really crowded, i couldn't even found a proper 'path' to passed through when i wanted to move to another side . I need to walked back and forth at the table setting area to make sure is there any space for me to passed through.

Me and d banner

It was 10.45pm, still crowded!

Bunkface was there earlier the show, i missed their live performance since i was late :( i miss the song Through My Window so much!

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Call rate to Singapore can be as low as RM0.09, so moi and friend can share more shopping sales and tips among Malaysia and Singapore(hohoho! can save more for my shopping stuffs :p)

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