Friday, June 25, 2010

Hai everybody! still remember my previous post? did you recognized this post card ?

guess what?

Something written on the back, let's check..

Stamp from Hong Kong China...?

Oh, it is for the Schnauzer Family! Greeting with paw from Hong Kong for Minnie, Fatty & Ally, Santa & Minnie & Christmas(+5 new born babies!) ,Toro,JD & Max, Scottie, Koyuki & Chaddie !

Hehe, hope all of you like it :)

lol, there is another postcard?

oh, it is specially for me! Does d cutie drawing looks alike me?


p/s:at this point only i realized Tin Tin was missing from the list!! aiks, Asa jj so bad ...........sign..

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Santa and Minnie said...

Sorry, Carrie, we missed this post. So good of SaSa to still remember us when she was in Hong Kong. Say "thanks" to her for us, please. Hope to see you again.