Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chelsea VS Manchester United LIVE viewing Party!

Hey! Do you love Chelsea or Manchester United?

Can Anyone tell me is they related to cheese? ( **Che**...lsea?? MAn..**ches**..ter, it sound so similiar right?) Are they taste nice like real cheese??

Grr...anyway Tall goh goh always the ,Cheese Chelsea Big Fans whne comes to any football match and games. Well i saw only a bunch of people chasing of A ball in a field , but they didn't carry any cheese with them..doubt they related to cheese wor..

Well if you also a big fans of them, don't miss out the LIVE viewing party screening for Chelsea VS Manchester United on this coming Sunday at Padang Timur PJ ! The LIVE viewing party is come with the largest TV Screen in the South East Asia (the LARGEST !! o_O)

Visit The World of Everyone Connect for more detail of the LIVE viewing party!

By the way, just a short update that the Everyone Connect Official Website has changed their layout. The new layout is soooooo cute and animated! You can create your own avatar and moving around the 'world' of Everyone Connect.

Could you spot me? i am entering THE STADIUM to check out more info.

Beside viewing of the latest Man Utd news, you can comment/feedback of the game, chatting and sharing with others online user/fans at the Kopitiam @ Everyone Connect website!

You can also visit TM-Man Utd for more info

If you are TM user you can get exclusive TM Man Utd merchandise and FAN ZONE seats as gift when signing up for any TM products or services!!

Wait!! Have you visit to the Everyone Connect FaceBook Fan Page yet?? Go and click 'LIKE' right now yo get a cool Everyone Connect wristband at TM Booth on the LIVE viewing party!

For more info, check Everyone Connecr Website and FaceBook Fan PAge NOW!!!!

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